30 Gorgeous Photos of Butterflies

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Some subjects in photography are so perfect that they almost photograph themselves. With incredible and diverse colours, butterflies are one such subject. Add a little photographic skill from the photographer and the results can be outstanding. We think this collection of photos of butterflies ranks pretty high on the scale. If you like these, you should also check out the work of Thomas Shahan and see our collection of macro photography tutorials. Enjoy!

Photo by TatoodJay

butterfly on a green background
Photo by Raimy

pistacchio green
Photo by SpettacoloPuro

Viceroy in purple ... HBW!!!
Photo by Vicki's Nature

Photo by FCM Nikon d40

Transparent Butterfly
Photo by TheFrost

Photo by Nick Wheeleroz

Ready to fly (II)
Photo by Marcel Germain

蝴蝶 Butterfly
Photo by DDSNet

12 Days of Christmas Butterflies - #1Gulf Fritillary
Photo by Vicki's Nature

Blue morpho butterfly
Photo by MajaMarko

Fading Summer
Photo by Tomothy K Hamilton

Monarch Butterfly
Photo by Tomothy K Hamilton

glasswing butterfly i think
Photo by Wobblymol

Gulf fritillary at the farm
Photo by Vicki's Nature

Blue Jewel
Photo by BugMan50

Gulf fritillary ... at the farm
Photo by Vicki's Nature

November Gulf Fritillary - HBW!!!
Photo by Vicki's Nature

today in the butterfly garden
Photo by Vicki's Nature

I love it when you dress in blue!
Photo by Spettacolopuro

Photo by Dawn Ashley

Monarch in Flight
Photo by Ecarey

September Gulf Fritillary on Ironweed
Photo by Vicki's Nature

Photo by Albyper

Monarch Butterfly, Male (Danaus plexippus), Western Region Monarch, photographed at the Butterfly Alive Exhibit at the Santa Barbarba Museum of Natural History
Photo by Kevin Cole

Gulf Fritillary  - I love that face
Photo by Vicki's Nature

Butterfly (Farfalla)
Photo by Edivad

Photo by RandiHausken

Striped Tiger 2
Photo by Jnarin

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32 thoughts on “30 Gorgeous Photos of Butterflies

  1. Calin

    Great photos! Taking this kind of photos take skills and patience, as we all know how the butterflies are “jumping” from flower to flower. You have to be skilled and to have some luck to catch them in one of your photography.

    Excellent work!

  2. Brian

    Wow, these are truly stunning. I have plenty of butterflies floating around but never seem to snap a great shot. I think the know when I'm about to hit the shutter button and fly away just to spite me… ; )

  3. apatron

    Nice images. But there are a few that are under exposed, out of focus and flat…Take another look and see if you can figure out which ones…

  4. Sealeo

    Lovely pictures of an animals I love a lot. Many arts are dissapearing from my country beauce of exterpation. Not all of those once have been seen here but some of them.

    1. Jairo

      stephanie – I especially love the shots in black and white. I am a big fan of black and white shots. They allow the ptruiy of the moment to speak for itself and your simple and elegant presentation of these moments exemplifies the pure joy of that moment of love shared between the couple. I can’t wait to see more

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