The Dazzling Colors and Shapes of Cacti


The humble cactus can be a great subject for photography, either by itself or as a distinct part of a wider subject such as a landscape. The colours, shapes and textures of the plant provide a lot of opportunities for photographers. These photographs of cacti show what can be done with a great subject.

Operation desert storm by kevindooley, on Flickr
Day 024/365 – Desert Colors by contemplicity, on Flickr

REBUTIA MINUSCULA by acqua1951, on Flickr

Green Wave by Manu_H, on Flickr

Rebutia muscula. by graftedno1, on Flickr

A crystal ball in full sun. by graftedno1, on Flickr

The other side by graftedno1, on Flickr

A crystal ball. by graftedno1, on Flickr

“Say What You Feel” by Crismatos/working .No time for Flickr. grrr, on Flickr

Cactus Fire by graftedno1, on Flickr

A cactus jewel…Explore by graftedno1, on Flickr

cactus closup by r-z, on Flickr

Ripe cactus by Vince Alongi, on Flickr

Untitled by the walking disaster, on Flickr

Christmas Cactus by nosha, on Flickr

Dailyshoot 2011~March of the Cactus! by Leshaines123, on Flickr

Critters by Randy Son Of Robert, on Flickr

Cactus flowers by graftedno1, on Flickr

Rebutia flavistyla…SB 1195.55…..Explore by graftedno1, on Flickr

Saguaro by kevindooley, on Flickr

068e2 fine golden details by jjjj56cp, on Flickr

Echinopsis oxygona, Queen of the night, Koenigin der Nacht by pizzodisevo, on Flickr

Flower-like leaves by wolfpix, on Flickr

Super Sunset in the Desert by cobalt123, on Flickr

IMG_0024 by catlovers, on Flickr

Cactus Close-up by RC Designer, on Flickr

Untitled by titanium22, on Flickr

Joshua Tree National park. by Vvillamon, on Flickr

Cactus Flower by Alex E. Proimos, on Flickr

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