The Wild Beauty of Canada: 25 Photos of the Great Outdoors

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Canada has been referred to as one of the last great wilderness frontiers, with much of the northern part of the country uninhabited.  There is striking beauty in the country though, which is one of the most desirable locations for landscape and scenic photographers to travel to.  All four seasons happen through different parts of Canada, making it an ever-changing canvas to continually photograph.  Enjoy these 25 photos of the great outdoors in Canada and plan a trip there soon!

golden waterfall

Photo By paul (dex)

the other side

Photo By paul (dex)

~ Seen Scene ~

Photo By ViaMoi


Photo By ViaMoi

The Mountain Exhaled

Photo By laszlo-photo

Dynamic Serenity

Photo By papalars

~ BLUEish Monday~

Photo By ViaMoi

Natural Night Light Beams

Photo By ViaMoi

Lake St. Peter [2]

Photo By Rick Harris

In wait for the next (Explored on Front Page)

Photo By Insight Imaging: John A Ryan Photography (Having a

The Hidden Pond

Photo By Stuck in Customs

All work and no play makes Timmy a dull photographer

Photo By I, Timmy

Emerald Lake Yoho N.P. Canada

Photo By swisscan

Georgia Strait

Moraine Lake Canada

Photo By swisscan

Something This Way Comes

Photo By Rick Harris

The 9:20 beaver

Photo By Steve took it

Vermillion Lakes_DRF0136

Photo By Fungman

Falls in Quebec city

Photo By pfala

Emerald Lake Reflection

Photo By swisscan

Photo By c@rljones

Chateau Lake Louise

Photo By sally_monster

The Mountain Exhaled

Photo By laszlo-photo

Bow Lake

Photo By digitaldust

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17 thoughts on “The Wild Beauty of Canada: 25 Photos of the Great Outdoors

  1. John R.Sauers

    The photos are great. It would be nice to know where in Canada they were taken. I am smitten by the mountains in BC. Especially in the National Parks like Jasper,Yoho Baniff, and Kootenay. The area around Lake Superior is also outstanding as are the Canadian people that I love so dearly.

  2. Jim Cornish

    [img][/img]Many of the 25 pics show the beauty of Canada’s west coast. This is an image of the beauty of its east coast.

  3. Profile photo of MikeMike

    These are some amazing shots. Living as close to the border as I do, I am still and always in amazement as to how much grander the scenery appears just across the border. I suppose I should make more trips

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