Candid Conversations, Part 2: Face to Face


The previous entry in this two-part “Candid Conversations” series covered the relationship between people and their cellphones. Of course there's also a relationship between the two individuals involved in the conversation, but with the cellphone serving as something of an ever present proxy, we only get to see — and photograph — a one-sided exchange. This is not to say that such situations lack interest, however, as evidenced by the accompanying photos.

But if it's true that conversing is an art form, the physical presence of two — or more — individuals only serves to add an extra dimension to and enhance the dynamics of a scene that is ripe for any eager candid/street photographer to capture.

In this second installment, we see photographers capture the wide range of emotions involved in face to face interactions, interactions that we perceive as tender, informative, reassuring, assertive, comical, flirtatious.

It's all here.
Monky talk by Roubicek, on Flickr
Crowd by Wayne Large, on Flickr
Chit-Chat. by iMorpheus, on Flickr
Talking by pedrosimoes7, on Flickr
Talking by pedrosimoes7, on Flickr
chit chat by ^ Missi ^, on Flickr

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