Canon Denies Reports That R3 Sensor Comes from Sony


Rumors are fun and all but they should always be noted as such lest a publication wants to get egg on its face.

Photo by EOS R3 from Canon.

And it looks like Canon just served up an omelet as they have directly denied a rumor that said the upcoming R3 had a sensor sourced from Sony.

As those of you who have followed this blog over the past couple of years are aware, the implication of that kind of news is pretty big indeed…if it were true. Sony’s somewhat inexorable rise to some kind of dominance is only underscored by constant tales of woe where the other traditional titans are concerned.

Also, it’s kind of rare for a company to address an Internet rumor of any kind so it shows that Canon brass knew that they couldn’t let this kind of thing slide.

What makes all of this interesting is that Canon even said back in April that the R3 sensor was made in-house.

Specifically, the R3 “will feature Canon’s first-ever full-frame backside-illuminated stacked CMOS sensor that it designed in-house,” PetaPixel quotes Canon in the company’s description of the R3.

In a direct statement to the website, Canon said in unequivocal terms: “The sensor in the upcoming EOS R3 camera is Canon designed and manufactured.”

Considering the clarity back in April and in subsequent follow-up interviews, it is kind of wild that pretty unambiguous statements transformed into a wild Internet rumor. Guess it just shows us all how powerful misinformation can be whether malicious or not.

Speaking of malicious or not, check out our story from yesterday and let us know what you think.

Did you read that report that said the upcoming R3 sourced a sensor from Sony? Are you hyped up about the R3? Let us know your thoughts on the Sony-Canon sensor rumor in the comments below.

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