Canon EOS R5 Shipments Delayed Due to Overheating Issue


Do you remember that overheating issue that was plaguing Canon’s upcoming EOS R5?

canon eos r mirrorless digital
Photo by EOS R5 from Canon.

It looks like it has delayed the shipment of the camera to customers until a fix can be found. PetaPixel even speculates that this could be the beginning of a recall by the company for the units already out in the wild.

EOSHD reported that a major outlet in Germany only received five cameras while the country in general got about 70. You read that right: The entire nation of Germany only received 70 EOS R5’s…at least, according to EOSHD’s source. Other websites are reporting that the delay could extend until November of this year.

Canon Rumors, long a source of insider knowledge at the company, reports that the number of units being shipped to retail are far lower than would be expected with the overheating issue speculated as being one of the primary reasons behind the delay. As PetaPixel reports, and EOSHD speculates, if this was a simple firmware fix then the company would likely not delay in releasing more units to the public for retail. It seems like the fix might be something beyond that.

For their part, Canon hasn’t really avoided this issue. Then again, the company didn’t really have much of a choice when you look at how many people were reporting on this issue in the early reviews of the device. Whatever the company decides to do, we will keep you updated as things develop.

Are you looking forward to the Canon EOS R5? What do you think of the delay in shipments? Let us know your thoughts on Canon’s upcoming camera in the comments section below.

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