Canon Exec Calls Camera Performance Throttling a “Conspiracy Theory” in Response to Widespread Internet Rumors to the Contrary Concerning the EOS R5


We’ve followed the Canon overheating rumors from the very beginning and, no matter how many denials are issued, the issue seems to persist.

canon eos r mirrorless digital
Photo by EOS R5 from Canon.

It has to make you wonder why especially this long after the rumor’s inception. After all, the Internet typically tires of things this long into the game.

But here we are.

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Basically, where we last left off, the verdict was somewhat mixed concerning what was going on with the “throttled” performance.

Well, the issue was brought up again by CineD’s Johnnie Behiri during an interview with a Canon exec who didn’t hesitate in calling it a “conspiracy.”

Product Management Director of Image Communication Business at Canon Europe, Katsuyuki Nagai, told CineD in an interview: “This is an accusation we’ve seen before which belongs on the conspiracy theory pile. It is simply not a sensible business idea as users are more likely to switch to competitor systems than buy a much more expensive camera to get a certain feature. There are factors that govern what a camera can and cannot do, the primary of which is the components used based on the cost of the camera. Making a camera that can do everything would require higher resolution viewfinders, bigger buffers, faster processors to handle the data, faster card buses to write to cards etc, all components which typically cost more.”

Addressing the accusation that Canon throttles the performance of some of its cameras, in particular, he said, “It is important that we evaluate the primary customer for each product and decide what features would be required by that typical user. We do not ‘cripple’ our cameras, our aim is always to focus the product better to the typical user.”

You can check out the interview by clicking here

What do you think about the rumors dogging Canon’s EOS R5? More Internet “fake news” or is something actually going on here? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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I wonder if the Product Management Director of Image Communication Business at Canon Europe, Katsuyuki Naga, ever drove a Hillman Avenger basic model?

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