Canon Japan Has Some Unique Gifts for Diehard Fans


Nothing brightens a photographer’s holidays like some hot new gear. Everyone covets something, and some people wait all year long, dropping subtle hints, hoping for that new, shiny toy.

Some of us luck out, some of us don’t, but with this offering from Canon, there’s a little bit for everyone.

When you think gear as a gift you normally don’t think of everyday gifts in the form of gear but that is exactly the motivating spirit behind Canon Japan’s offering of off-the-wall gifts for the loved one in your life who just cannot get enough of the optics giant’s high-quality, iconic photography products.

These gifts are lovingly detailed, expertly crafted recreations of canon gear in the forms of coffee mugs and usb flash drives, among other things. The resemblance is uncanny and tantalizing all at the same time.

Image via Canon Japan.

Who doesn’t want to use a lens as a thermal mug?

There’s even a lunch bag in the design of a camera bag with a picnic blanket featuring Canon illustrations.

How much more dedicated does it get than that?

There are eight products on offer in total along with a gift set.

There are two lens mugs on offer, as well as a Mini F-1 and Mini IVSb USB drive. The mug gift set will set you back about $USD 60 while the lunch bag and the picnic mat, together, will cost about the same amount.

Here’s the complete set of gifts according to Canon Rumors:

– Premium Gift Box MC-MUG SET
– Lens Mug MC-MG001
– Lens Mug MC-MG002
– Miniature USB F-1 16GB
– Thermal Bottle MC-TB001
– Lunch Bag MC-LB001
– Picnic Mat MC-PM 001

A little something for every Canon fan out there, and, if you’re in Japan, it’s a must-buy for the upcoming winter gift-giving season.

Image via Canon Japan.
Image via Canon Japan.
Image via Canon Japan.
Image via Canon Japan.

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