Canon Releasing Mixed Reality Headset Retailing for Close to $40K


One of the bigger trends in technology that should become more prevalent in the next few years is augmented reality and mixed reality devices.

Photo by Canon MREAL System from Canon.

Think Google Glass but something everyone will want to use. While we’ve been promised this kind of thing for a while now, with even the vaunted Apple rumored to be working on their own headset, we just haven’t seen anything materialize yet.

Well, Canon is hoping to make your mixed reality dreams come true but it’s going to cost you. The nearly $40K MREAL S1 can display CG images within real space using two CMOS sensors that basically act as the eyes of the device, interpreting the real-world environment and placing the virtual object within that space. Targeted towards industrial designers, among others, the MREAL S1 lets the wearer interact with the object but also place objects in real space in use cases such as a designer showing how a space would look when completed.

The full unit comes with all of the software and equipment necessary to make it work and is much smaller than Canon’s previous efforts in this area. Still, at $USD 38,400, it’s not exactly cheap but, then again, it isn’t really for the average consumer.

You can watch a video from Canon demonstrating the device at this link right here.

As always, we’d love to know what you think about mixed reality headsets and the Canon MREAL S1 in particular. Could you see yourself using such a device? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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