Canon Rumoured to Be Working on Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera


According to Canon Watch, Canon is going to surpass its camera-making competitors by releasing a full frame mirrorless camera with an EF mount. This is great news for current Canon users, especially those who want to experiment with a lightweight camera, not unlike a professional DSLR. Regardless of the camera's seemingly late announcement date (September 2018), the photography world is buzzing with rumours and excitement.

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The Rumoured Mirrorless Camera's Specs

Canon will not only catch up with its Sony and Nikon competitors, both of which have a plentiful supply of mirrorless cameras, but also surpass them with some potentially impressive specifications.

The mirrorless camera is rumoured to have:

  • An EF mount
  • A resolution of 36-38MP
  • 4K video capabilities

Why Is This Impressive?

Usually, mirrorless cameras quicken the photo-taking process because they're lightweight, very portable, and silent. This usually enhances a photographer's workflow. Travel photographers love the portability, while those who shoot in other scenarios enjoy the utility of the smaller cameras.

Most mirrorless cameras aren't full frame, so photographers usually have to choose between portability and quality. This rumoured Canon mirrorless camera, however, is an exception, offering an impressive 36-38MP, and a lightweight camera body. Compared to other mirrorless cameras, this will be an immense improvement. Sony's mirrorless a9 camera has a resolution of 24.2MP, while Nikon's 1 V3 boasts 18.3MP.

The EF mount simply means that almost any Canon lens – with the exception of EF-S lenses – will be compatible with the camera. This will be a major improvement for mirrorless cameras in general. Unlike companies such as Nikon – which have their own exclusive lenses for mirrorless cameras – Canon's new addition will support lenses that are already available. Once the camera is available, all Canon users will need to do is buy the body. This, of course, will save them a lot of money. If you'd like to know whether your lenses are compatible or not, check out this list.

When Will It Be Announced?

It's rumoured that it's taking a while for Canon to create this camera because of complications related to the EF mount feature. However, if the rumours are true, Canon will announce its very first full frame mirrorless camera one year from now. Canon Watch predicts that Canon will make its announcement at Photokina (the world's largest trade fair) in September 2018.

The price and exact release date are yet to be announced.

Though Canon's new invention is currently shrouded in secrecy, it's an interesting topic to discuss and anticipate. If the company's endeavours prove to be fruitful, their debut in the mirrorless camera world could be an incredible, mind-blowing success.

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I have a 6d now and this does interest me more for things like electronic view finder, maybe a better focus system (by then) compared to the 6d (I know 6d mk2 had a better one) etc. My 6d came with a 24-105 L lens that I really like. Using that on the mirrorless would be great but not sure it really changes the weight/bulk that much? Same for many other existing lenses? Might it even affect the feel and balance when holding it? Could be wrong.

with the 24-105 wight remaining the same the overall weight doesn’t really become the issue but the camera body would be much less bulky. I am In a similar situation, as I have the 24-105. As i used to shoot with the 5D first then the 5Dmk 2, but found I wasn’t using the camera to its full potential. Don’t get me wrong I have really enjoyeed the images produced. But I did switch to mirror less about a year ago, overall I’m happy and will consider the full frame when its released.

Sony’s A7 series are 48 mp. The A9 is 24.2 mp so the buffer never overloads and has 60 frames per second and no black out time in the electronic viewfinder.

Not sure why when comparing megapixels, you chose the Sony a9 instead of the 42mp a7rii. Did it not make the Canon seem as impressive? I actually use a 5d3 but you hype these specs like they’re revolutionary. They are far from it and still behind nearly all other manufacturers when it comes to mirrorless.

I have been looking to buy a mirrorless camera for some time now, I currently have an EOS700 and this would be perfect for me. Especially as there would be no need to invest in expensive lenses. Looking forward to it, hope that it will be sooner rather than later.

As a 5D III shooter who also loves my little Panasonic Lumix G7 MFT, all I can say is bring it on, Canon. A mirrorless FF done right (fully articulating touch screen please) will save me the painful and expensive process of migrating to another mirrorless platform. I will hang in for another year if necessary.

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