Casio’s Extreme Action Cam GZE-1 to Take on GoPro


The extreme sports enthusiast market was one of the most widespread early adopters of consumer-grade technology that is ubiquitous today – the action camera (most commonly embodied in the success of GoPro cameras).

Whether it's social media sensations “doing it for the Vine (RIP)” – and making millions at it – or wannabe Bam Margera's seeking YouTube fame, live-action cameras that capture high-quality video and are capable of withstanding the rigors of less-than-ideal filming conditions are a hot commodity in the consumer market.

Like any company eager to conquer new (lucrative) markets, Casio took note of this trend and has delivered the GZ Eye series of devices to cater to this group of action camera users.

Casio claims its GZE-1 action cam is drop, water, and freeze-proof, all while sporting a 13mm f/2.8 equivalent lens on a1/2.3-type backlit CMOS sensor.

The camera is protected using G-Shock technology borrowed from Casio’s sports’ watch division.

Speaking of which, users can use a Casio Pro Tek watch, a smartphone, or dedicated optional controllers to manipulate the camera. One of the optional controllers comes equipped with an LCD screen that lets users see the action live.

GZE-1 via Casio.

DPReview says that “Despite having a 21.14-million-pixel 1/2.3-type backlit CMOS sensor, the GZE-1 turns out only 6.9MP still images and FullHD video” but which “record frame rates of up to 240fps, and allows users to vary the frame rate during a clip to mix slow-motion with normal motion in the same sequence” – giving users the ability to record in slow motion without having to slow down normal motion recording in post-processing.

The device can withstand drops of up to four meters and features a resin body with a urethane bumper. The GZE-1 can survive water up to depths of fifty meters and can operate in temperatures as low as -10°C.

The GZE-1 should be available at the end of October 2017 for the Japanese market with a worldwide release date not yet known as of publication.

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