7 Interesting Abstract Photography Ideas

A great thing about abstract photography is that it can turn any kind of subject into something rather unexpected, magical and unrecognizable. You can shoot abstract photographs either indoors or outdoors – the only thing that matters is that you have a keen eye for detail and that you’re good at creating bold photographic compositions. […]

5 Tips To Help You Get Started With Abstract Photography

Are you looking for something new to photograph? Every photographer gets to a point where they want to do something different, something to challenge their creativity. One creative photography undertaking you might want to consider is abstract photography. There’s nothing particularly difficult about abstract photography — it doesn’t require any special gear and it can […]

Fine Art Abstract Aerial Photographs: An Amazing Bird’s Eye View Of South Africa By Zack Seckler

Aerial Photography is taking photographs of the earth’s landscape or the landscape of other heavenly objects from an aircraft, helicopter, hot air balloon, satellites, spacecraft or any flying object. There are 2 ways in which they are taken: They are taken handheld by the photographer or They are remotely triggered by mounting cameras on to […]