The 7 Essentials of Crowd-Funding Your Next Photography Project (and How We Funded Ours)

Crowdfunding is a relatively new phenomenon that has emerged over the past few years to help creative people fund their personal projects, including photographers. Kickstarter was the first company to offer this type of platform and others such as and IndieGoGo have emerged since. Crowdfunding is a unique way to raise funds for projects […]

Phocus: Effective Strategies for Getting Ahead in Photography That You Can Use Starting Today

As our article on why some photographers are successful and others aren’t should have shown, evolving as a photographer in the modern world is by no means an easy process. If you’re trying to extend your reach, recognition, become a socially connected photographer or make income as a photographer, then there are a multitude of […]

7 Sites To Sell Your Stock Photographs

In the Information Age with all of its technological capabilities, stock photography images can now be bought and sold digitally in all corners of the world. Magazines, book publishers, interior decorators, home architects, website developers, service companies, and marketing companies all have a need for stock photography at some point in time to enhance the […]