How To Get A Black Background In Photographs

If you have a good understanding of light, know how to control light and have a good knowledge of using your camera, then you will be able to make brilliant images that stand out against a black background, even if you have not used a black background.
In this article, we will look at the different ways on how to get black background in photographs. You can use one of the techniques or a combination of them to get the desired results.

What Is Moiré In Photography And How To Deal With It

Optical effects and illusions are a tricky thing to deal with in photography. Sometimes our cameras see more than what our eyes can and this can become so frustrating because it can ruin the image or cause deterioration in image quality. One such effect that can be quite annoying in photographs is the Moiré pattern and in this article, we will take a look at what moiré is, what causes it and how to deal with moiré in photography.

Shooting Snow So It Stays White In Your Photos

Shooting snow does not always result in beautiful whites. As winter approaches us in the Northern hemisphere, thoughts will be turning to winter photography. Winter often, of course, means snow and a beautiful snow scene is definitely one for the portfolio. There is, however, a problem with snow. To state the obvious, it’s white and […]