Two Great Photos and How They Were Taken

One of the most important abilities you can have as a photographer is deciphering how other shooters captured their photos.  It’s not always the easiest thing to do though, so here we’ll look at two great photos and explain how they were taken. Photo by SergioTudela Running water, the beach and sunsets are all subjects […]

Why You Need To Plan Your Shoot Before You Show Up

Anyone who’s ever been a Boyscout will tell you their motto is Always be prepared. Their motto isn’t just for them, it’s applicable to everyone, in just about every aspect of your life.  Planning ahead of time helps reduce problems during an event and when mishaps, accidents and problems arise, you’ll have everything you need […]

The 5 Worst Habits of New Photographers

Photography is a fun and exciting hobby, and for many of us a job too.  Once only seen as a hobby that took a lot of money and some proper schooling to enjoy, the continuing price drops in gear that consistently gets better each year combined with the wealth of information online has seen a […]