The 5 Worst Habits of New Photographers

Photography is a fun and exciting hobby, and for many of us a job too.  Once only seen as a hobby that took a lot of money and some proper schooling to enjoy, the continuing price drops in gear that consistently gets better each year combined with the wealth of information online has seen a […]

6 Tips on Using a Flash Reflector

Utilizing flash in photography allows you to create unique photographs in ways that would otherwise be impossible.  There are a few downsides to utilizing flash photography though. Harsh shadows Over-exposed subject matter Inability to illuminate larger subjects or groups of people properly Using reflectors and other light modifiers with your flash photography will create more […]

7 Things Photographers Should Never Do

Learning to be a good photography takes time, patience and lots of learning, most of it through trial and error.  There seem to be countless books, classes, tutorials and blog postings how to do, create, setup, finalize, post-process, etc. to yield the best possible image and get that killer shot.  Less talked about is what […]