Sandmarc Cloud Diffusion Filters Review

Back in the day if we wanted the soft dreamy look to our shots, we would use the well-worn Vaseline technique. This involved smearing a fine veneer of Vaseline over a neutral glass filter such as a skylight or UV filter.  The advantages were that you could tailor the thickness of the Vaseline to the […]

Have I Solved My Hybrid Tripod Problem?

Have you heard of a hybrid tripod? I have written about tripods a lot and the reason for that is relatively simple. On the one hand, they are cumbersome heavy items that slow you down. On the other, they are essential parts of your kit that can give your images unrivaled sharpness, especially in low […]

A Review of The Sandmarc Tripod Pro

We love a bit of smartphone photography here at Light Stalking. Indeed, I and others here have written a fair bit about the freedom of shooting with a smartphone. One of the other topics I have written extensively about is my love/hate relationship with tripods. I love the low-light images that you can get from […]