Iconic Cameras – The Nikon F

In this, the first of a short series, we are going to take a look at some of the camera’s that defined modern photography. These cameras may have introduced new, revolutionary features or just refined the existing technology into something much more usable. In this first article, we will look at the Nikon F. The […]

Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras: So What the Hell is a “MILC” Anyway?

While not an entirely new technology, mirrorless cameras manufacturers have been enjoying a steady rise in interest of the compact cameras among amateurs and professionals alike. Initially marketed at serious amateurs who were looking for more from their point-and-shoots, but were not interested in a DSLR, the mirrorless camera, has helped fill a gap in […]

Bridge Cameras: When You Want More Than a Compact, But Don’t Want a DSLR…

Almost every photographer gets asked this question at least once a week (and often much more). “What camera do you recommend for somebody who is into photography, but doesn’t want a full DSLR?” There are a huge group of aspiring photographers who are into photography enough to want professional looking images or a bit more […]