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5 Free E-Books on Lighting in Photography

An understanding of light is essential when you truly want to grow as a photographer, irrespective of what you enjoy shooting – whether it is landscapes, portraits, macro, street photography, or any other genre, for that matter. Lighting can affect the mood of a photograph in many different ways, and you need to gain an […]

5 Free Macro Photography E-Books to Help You Master the Craft

Macro photography opens the door to a fascinating world that you’ve probably never witnessed or photographed before. It shows you the world from a completely unique perspective, a world up close – really close. As with every other genre in photography, a proper understanding of photographic technique plays an important role in capturing remarkable macro photographs. […]

How Not Understanding Light Almost Killed Your Photography

In order to understand light, you’ve got to analyze a scene, analyze photographs and learn from how light should be interpreted in a photograph. It’s not easy, but it’s possible to become competent at understanding light and the best part? Your images will be living proof that you understand light – this, you cannot hack your way to an excellent photo!