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How to Make an Impressionist Style Portrait

The impressionist painters have taught us that it doesn’t take a whole lot of detail to suggest meaning in an image; so it is with photography. Instead of snapping what is literally in front of us, we can capture in a photo the images we have in our minds. With the right content, lighting, and […]

How to Master Ghost Photography

If you’ve seen photos of ghostly apparitions and wonder how they were captured, most likely they were not doctored or otherwise created in post process. Your camera has the fantastic ability to capture unique effects, including those often mistaken for ghosts and spirits. Wall Of Heroes by starfish235, on Flickr Ghostly images like seen above […]

Give Yourself a Photo Project

We’ve all spent time browsing through a stunning collection of photographs and exclaimed, “Wow!” at each one. A lot of inspiration is so accessible online, and the range of affordable cameras has widened to the extent that in 2010 alone, people bought 21.7 million units of cameras with interchangeable lenses! Photography has grown into a […]

How To Practice Portraits Without Your Camera

Quite a few articles have been written about portraiture being one of the most difficult photography genres to master. Search online, and more than half a million blogs  write about portraiture—a lot of people are trying to make sense of all the things that go into making a beautiful portrait. Portraits are the most interesting […]