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Why You Shouldn’t Say Yes to Every Offer of Photography Work

Starting a career in photography can be an exciting, exhilarating move.  Most photographers have freedom unlike any other traditional job and can book appointments as frequently as they want.  Amateur photographers, that is to say those who don’t get compensated for shooting, usually do so because they enjoy the hobby.  Regardless of where you stand, […]

How to Know When It’s Time to Put the Camera Away

Among my friends and family, I’m know as the photographer and during get-togethers and it’s expected, to a point, for me to have a camera with me.  I enjoy shooting, so usually it’s not a problem, but there are times when you just need to put the camera away. The line can often be blurred, […]

12 Places to Sell Your Photography

Photography is a very rewarding hobby – one that allows you to capture moments and relive them whenever you want.  It’s also one of the few hobbies that you can actually make back the money you’ve invested in gear, create a nice side income or turn it into a full career.  Here’s a look at […]

The Secret of Successful Macro Photography

Macro photography can be some of the most fun and rewarding types there is to shoot, but it can also be the most frustrating.  We’ve already covered how to dominate macro photography and have nearly a dozen articles that relate to macro, but what’s the secret to being successful?  That’s what we’ll explore now. Most […]

10 Tips for Working with Models

Working with people can be one of the most rewarding things about photography, it can also be one of the most frustrating and painful experiences too.  This guide is designed to give you some tips to work with models, but is applicable to anyone you may shoot, so you get the best photos possible for […]

How to Clean Your Camera Properly

Your camera is a tool, tools should be kept clean to operate properly, but because they are also sensitive electronic devices, some special care needs to be taken.  This guide will give you a great overview to keep your gear working properly and for a long time, all the while performing the day you pulled […]

Finding Your Perfect Photography Niche

Photography is a wonderful, amusing, entertaining, though-provoking and emotional medium of art, but it’s also one of many facets, each one different and requiring a specific amount of training to truly excel at.  Recently, a friend asked me to shoot their upcoming wedding, which I politely declined and suggested some friends of mine who are […]