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7 Considerations for New Action Photographers

Action photography is something that many of us will need to come to terms with at one point or another. Shooting your kids playing, friends playing sport or a great sporting event you attend are things that most of us want in our own photo collections. Getting good action shots though is not always easy […]

14 Essential Landscape Photography Tutorials

The theme of landscape photography repeatedly shows up in the most popular posts on Light Stalking and if the proliferation of websites and magazines specifically about landscape is anything to go by, then it is very popular among the wider photography community too. Getting started in landscape need not be a huge exercise – there […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Photographing Motor Racing

This is a guest post by Haydar Turkhan. Find some great photography tips on his blog. It’s fast, moving fast and you have to focus in seconds, push the shutter and get a clear Picture of what’s coming on the track; it is not easy. Here are some, practical tips for amateur photographers who are […]

How to Install a Lightroom Plugin

Lightroom plugins provide fantastic versatility to an already great product. Before we delve any further into installing a plugin, I want to make sure that you know the difference between a preset and a plugin. Simply put, presets will perform exhaustive, repetitive tasks for you in Lightroom with the click of a button (like recording […]

How to Clean a DSLR Sensor Without Ruining It

The three spots you see in the photograph below are sensor dust.  Small pieces of dust, fiber or hair that are sitting on the sensor of your digital camera.  The most common reason dust shows up on your sensor is from changing your lens.  It’s nearly impossible to stop dust from getting in, so at […]

Why You Shouldn’t Say Yes to Every Offer of Photography Work

Starting a career in photography can be an exciting, exhilarating move.  Most photographers have freedom unlike any other traditional job and can book appointments as frequently as they want.  Amateur photographers, that is to say those who don’t get compensated for shooting, usually do so because they enjoy the hobby.  Regardless of where you stand, […]