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Photography Destination: Southern Arizona

When the state of Arizona pops up in conversation, most people think of the Grand Canyon, Sedona, the Slot Canyons as photography destinations. For bird and wildlife photographers, there are areas where the many different species of hummingbirds, songbirds, owls plus other wildlife, flock to in abundance. The accessibility to prime spots is also easy. […]

Need To Scout For Locations? Read This!

Whenever you are preparing for a photoshoot, a key factor is being familiar the location and the conditions in which you will be photographing. Whether it is a model or a landscape, location scouting is an essential part of the photographic process. Except if you stumble upon a good scene and have the resources to utilize […]

A Photographer’s Guide to Berlin

Berlin is a fascinating city of great history and an intriguing mixture of Western and Soviet architecture. For a capital and major European city, it is remarkably compact and features a fantastic multi level and cheap transport system that makes getting around at any time of day pretty stress free. Despite being a major tourist […]

A Photographer’s Guide to Amsterdam

Amsterdam, a city made famous by canals, cannabis and one or two other things, has the potential to be a photographer’s paradise. In reality, despite its very obvious photographic charms, it can be a particularly difficult city to capture. Part of this lies in its success as a tourist destination. On any given day it […]

Texas Photography: A Lot More than Big “Hare”

“Everything’s Bigger in Texas!” How many times have you heard that phrase? For nature and city photographers, that applies here too. As someone who’s lived in two Texas cities and continues to go back several times a year, Texas offers big, vast photography opportunities. With roughly 270,000 square-miles, it’s the largest state following Alaska. Jack […]

A Photographer’s Guide to Bordeaux

France is undoubtably a photographer’s paradise, from majestic Paris to the stunning landscapes of Dordogne, there is barely a corner of the country that is not photogenic. One of the many photographic gems is Bordeaux in the Gironde Department in South Western France. Many may be surprised that it is not a large metropolis, its […]

Photographing at Smoky Mountains Tennessee (Plus Photography Workshop Tips)

A photography workshop will bring many fun and possibly even surprising benefits to photographers at all levels. In the last few months, I participated in two completely different workshops from a geographic perspective. Across both workshops, the audience included photographers with many years of film and digital experience, photographers who serve as judges in regional competitions, global photographers and those new to the craft.