23 Cool Panorama Photos

Panorama by definition is a wide angle view, but showing just those would be boring.  Here’s 23 cool panorama photos that include several different techniques, including stitching, 360 pano’s and composites, all giving unique and different looks to the final product.  Of course there’s a few traditional panorama photos in there too. Photo by p0ps […]

20 Eerie Shots of Running Water

Two things are for certain when you start photography: You will shoot train tracks and you will do long exposures with water.  Running water can create some beautiful images when you put the time into setting up your gear and picking the location along with angle and exposure.  Here’s 20 great, yet eerie shots of […]

17 Funky Urban Images

Rural areas are being eaten alive by sprawling urban communities.  Each of these urban environments exemplify their own characteristics, featured here in these 17 funky urban images. With most of us living in an urban environment, it goes to show that there is always something worth photographing and that a talented photographer can find beautiful […]