5 Incredible Photography Collectives Every Photography Enthusiast Should Follow

Photography can be more enjoyable when the common social dynamic of “Groups” takes place. The night before he died, the 19th-century French mathematician Évariste Galois postulated a very interesting definition of “groups” – and even though he was certainly referring to math, his definition also applies to photography collectives. “A group is composed of members, […]

Jem Cresswell’s Photographs of Humpback Whales are Haunting and Incredible

Underwater photography is a fascinating genre and there wouldn’t be anyone not amazed by the life found in those depths. Jem Cresswell is an Australian photographer who has a great fascination for the underwater world and the wonderful creatures found there. Giants 1 – Image by Jem Cresswell Here is a little about Jem Cresswell: […]

An Interview with Conceptual Fashion Photographer, Daniel Adams

Daniel Adams is a 21-year-old conceptual fashion photographer. His photo series ‘Why Is Your English So Good?’ – which highlights the many ways people experience racism today – created an important and eye-opening social discussion and was featured in The Guardian and the British Journal of Photography. “Racism in the United Kingdom & Ireland is a widespread […]