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The Modules of Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is an essential component of any digital photographer’s toolbox. As with all post-processing software, Lightroom is a program that photographer’s can use to improve and organize their visual art. Yet, Lightroom is unique in many ways. Unlike other popular post-processing software, Lightroom is a modular program and has the advantage of non-destructive digital […]

How Addicted Are You To Photography?

We’re curious! We would love to know how much time our readers actually spend on photography each week. How many hobbyists? How many pros? Feel free to count everything from studying new techniques through to shooting and even time spent running a photography business towards the total. So vote in the poll and let us […]

Poll: What File Format Do You Shoot In?

This week’s poll is obviously for digital camera users and revolves around a seemingly endless debate about the merits or drawbacks of each format. While we have expressed some of our thoughts on the RAW vs. JPG debate before, we would love to know what our readers actually use and why. The absolute short of […]

Poll: What Type of Camera Do You Shoot On?

This week’s poll is to find out a little more about the shooting habits of Light Stalking readers. We’d love to know what type of camera you most often shoot on. While sales figures would suggest that cropped sensor DSLRs dominate the camera enthusiast market, we’d like to know the mix right here. If you’re […]

Poll: What is Your Preferred Post-Processing Software?

While we have had a couple of articles on post-precessing software for photographers, generally it seems to be a rather conrtoversial topic. From people arguing in favor of their preferred software through to people who shun post-processing completely, it seems it is difficult to please everyone when you even mention software even though there are […]

Reader Poll: What Make of Camera Do You Shoot On?

A lot of fuss is always made about what type of camera photographers prefer shooting on. While some regard the question as an affront (you wouldn’t ask a painter what brushes they use!) , others like to be at the forefront of camera technology for whatever reason. While Nikon and Canon are indisputable leaders in […]