Photo Editing On The Go: A First Look at Lightroom Mobile for iPad

Mobile apps for photographers have come a long way since the the release of the original iPhone and iPad. Perhaps a real marker for this progress has been the release of Lightroom Mobile from Adobe. Whist there are a plethora of both image management and image process apps available for smartphones and tablets, Lightroom Mobile combines both with a seamless connection to you main Lightroom catalogue. The Mobile app itself is free to use but for the moment only available to users of Apple’s iPhone and iPad. We are going to take a look at the iPad version.

Why Archiving is So Important in Your Lightroom Workflow

Film and prints are physical things that can be put in a box in the closet and brought out to pass from one generation to the next. I love digital technology but I have a concern that many people will lose the photographic record of their lives to the obscurity of ones and zeros. There is also the challenge of being able to find the meaningful photos amongst the thousands of files. This is where Lightroom can be of big help.

5 Simple Lightroom Tactics to Improve Almost Any Landscape Photograph

As you probably already know, Adobe Lightroom is one of the most versatile pieces of post production software available and is used by the majority of photography professionals to organize and do basic edits to their images. But what specifically can you do for your landscape images in Lightroom? Let’s look at a few simple LR edits that can make your images pop.