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How To Fix Common Imperfections On A Portrait


When you are just starting out in photography, retouching portraits can be a hard thing to tackle. But the basics really aren’t that hard. I’ll use one of my portraits shot in natural light to illustrate the process. Step-by-step guides accompany the portrait. Take this article as a quick portrait retouch guide, since I won’t be […]

Review: Rhino EVO Slider And Motion Control

rhino evo

Needless to say, I was pretty pumped to hear Rhino was releasing a motorized slider system and asked us over at Lightstalking to test it out and share our honest opinions about our experience with it. I wasn’t sure what to all expect in the beta model they agreed to send over, as their Kickstarter shows […]

Apple Photos: A First Look

apple photos 14 3

One of the biggest disappointments for photographers last year was Apple’s decision to discontinue its popular Aperture software. For nearly 10 years, Aperture along with its rival Lightroom had created and pushed forward the concept of easy image management. Whilst Adobe came through with a promise to create an Aperture to Lightroom plugin, Apple teased us, ever so slightly, with a new product, Photos. Now that product has hit public beta and we are going to take a brief look at it. As it is a beta, rather than give an opinion, this article will look at some of the feature that should make it into the final version.