Christopher O’Donnell Wins 1st Prize in Outdoor Photographer Magazine Competition


We have some great news this month with Light Stalking writer, Christopher O'Donnell, taking out the first prize in the Outdoor Photographer Magazine “Nature's Colors” competition with this fantastic shot of clover!

For those of you who have a subscription, it has been announced in the magazine this month and online at the competition website. Christopher's photograph will also appear in the magazine in April. Grab a copy from your news agent.

Christopher has been a regular writer for Light Stalking over the past year and judging from the reaction to his articles, a very popular addition to the team. The prize is the latest in a series of wins for Christopher as he expands his portfolio and business on the back of his extraordinary landscapes.

You can read some of Christopher's work right here on Light Stalking. He was the author of our latest Quick Guide on Black and White Landscape Photography. His other popular articles include:

You should also chase down Christopher at his other online haunts. He has a great Facebook page in addition to his landscape photography website. We also finally managed to convince him to get onto Twitter. Better late than never!

So congratulations to Christopher. We know his success is going to continue.

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