Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Sony Alleges a7 III Shutter Defects Totally Breaking the Camera


A class-action lawsuit was just filed against Sony that alleges the company’s a7 III is having significant shutter issues that, when they emerge, end up turning the camera into a very expensive door stopper and results in very, very expensive repairs to get it operational again.

Photo by a7 III from Sony.

Plaintiff John Guerriero filed his suit in the court of the Southern District of New York.

In the text obtained by Law Street Media, Guerriero alleges that: “(w)hen a user removes the lens, the shutter is closed and stuck. In most instances the shutter has become detached.”

Further, “the shutter blade catches on the front edge as it moves down in taking a picture … because the blades are positioned farther forward, so they ‘catch’ and fail to fully clear.”

Guerriero also complains that the shutters are fragile and delicate to use, resulting in operational scenarios that are less than ideal and that compromise the many benefits of the camera’s design. He also says that the camera “is unusually susceptible to disruption by small particles, even dust, which can cause the blades (to be) out of alignment.”

A potential workaround, disabling the electronic front-curtain shutter (EFCS), results in a less effective device, Guerriero argues.

Repairs for such a lens failure can be anywhere from $USD 500 to $USD 600 and the lawsuit notes that, while occurring sporadically, the defect often emerges outside of the camera’s warranty window.

Do you own a Sony a7 III? Have you had any issues with it? Do you know anyone that has? Let us know what you know about the Sony a7 III and its shutter in the comments below if you like.

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