Code Discovered in Android WhatsApp Beta Reveals Ability to Send Pictures in Full Resolution


It looks like we’re getting another option when it comes to sending large photo files if code discovered in a beta version of WhatsApp is anything to be trusted.

WhatsApp platform logo on green background
WhatsApp platform logo on green background. Photo by Dima Solomin

WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform from Meta, is reportedly testing a feature that would allow users to exchange full-resolution photos via the app which heretofore has been pretty much exclusively known as a text messaging platform but, like all of Facebook’s related properties, seems to be pivoting with the times.

To be clear, WhatsApp currently lets users send photos however, it doesn’t really specify what kind of image compression is used giving users options, such as “automatic,” or “data saver,” The Verge reports. 

This update, however, would allow users to transmit photos in their original quality, and, even though it was found in a beta version of the app, it is not currently available to beta testers, the website states with the implication being this could later change.

Interestingly, the report points out that there is no plan to extend this to the video transmission capabilities of WhatsApp; however, The Verge points out a workaround that current users are using that involves changing the file's extension to send it to someone else as a document rather than as a media attachment.

And while all of this sounds really nice, there’s no idea whatsoever as to when this type of feature will be released to the public. Nonetheless, it is definitely one that we could see a lot of people using, especially those outside of our field such as journalists. Plus, it’s always great to have another option to send a full-resolution photo file to someone and we hope that WhatsApp will join that club.

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