Computer-Generated Instagram Influencers Have Very Real Public Beef


In what is truly a snapshot of the current zeitgeist, two computer-generated Instagram influencers were at war with each other in what is perhaps some of the most bizarre Internet drama put to screen.

According to Resource Mag, which published a lengthy report on the subject, there is a whole wide world of fake or computer-generated Instagram influencers that post and interact with fans like any other user would.

It might be tough to imagine, but really this could be some sort of modern interpretation of cartoon characters or some other avatar that artists would employ in the pen and paper era.

Anyway, these Instagram influencers also inspire dedicated fanbases and that’s what has apparently led to the controversy between Lilmiquela and Bermudaisbae with one claiming more authenticity than the other.

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Just for those taking notes, Lilmiquela has a million followers and two singles on Spotify, while Bermudaisbae is a “Trump supporter and Iggy Azalea fan.”

Apparently, Bermudaisbae has published cryptic messages about Lilmiquela and even took over her account and deleted her photos, threatening to make this status permanent if Lilmiquela didn’t come forward about who she really was or some such nonsense.

The beef was apparently resolved when the two “met” and set aside their differences which we’re sure was a real relief for their fans.

Some people claim that photographs tell stories and, in this case, these pics on their respective Instagram accounts do tell stories. Like Resource Mag, I have a hunch that this could all be some form of performance art of some type of social-media based genre that is just now taking shape.

While the story never seems to rise beyond typical teenager fare, the computer-generated personalities really make it a strange tale indeed. That and the fact that their Instagram following is so much larger than mine makes me question if the whole project between Bermudaisbae and Lilmiquela is not some kind of commentary on social media fame.

If you're interested, you can view Lilmiquela’s Instagram account here.

Also, you can view Bermudaisbae’s Instagram account here.

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