15 Photographs of Lovely Cottages


You don't have to be on the lookout of a new place to live in order to delight yourselves with some lovely looking small houses. These sort of places have always fascinated me as they are cozy, they are lonely and they are perfect for me. So today, I bring you a collection of images that depict some nice looking cottages. Enjoy!

photo by bertrand bouchez
Photo by Bertrand Bouchez
photo by vidar nordli mathisen
Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen
photo by travis grossen
Photo by Travis Grossen
photo by annie spratt
Photo by Annie Spratt
photo by liv cashman
Photo by Liv Cashman
photo by dave francis
Photo by Dave Francis
photo by shan li fang
Photo by Shan Li Fang
photo by rick lobs
Photo by Rick Lobs
photo by tsaiwen hsu
Photo by Tsaiwen Hsu
photo by toa heftiba
Photo by Toa Heftiba
photo by iucas favre
Photo by Iucas Favre
photo by mary pokatova
Photo by Mary Pokatova
photo by hauke irrgang
Photo by Hauke Irrgang
photo by pasi jormalainen
Photo by Pasi Jormalainen
photo by garrett gee
Photo by Garrett Gee

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Federico has a decade of experience in documentary photography, contributes some free images to the community and is a University Professor in photography. You can get to know him better here.

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