Beware Of The Memory Card Counterfeiters Targeting Photographers


Photographers. Counterfeit Memory Cards Are Still Very Much A Problem

As photographers, we spend thousands of dollars on our equipment. We spend hours researching the product we wish to buy, confident that when we do buy it, it will be the genuine article.

There is one item of our kit though, an essential item at that, where we really do need to be careful when purchasing and that is memory cards.

counterfeit memory cards
Image by Esa Riutta

The counterfeiting of memory cards is not a new phenomenon, it has been around nearly as long as digital photography itself. It is, however, a growing problem and one that is surprisingly easy to get caught by.

Yes, even experienced photographers get stung every now and then!

Today we are going to look at why counterfeiters are targeting memory cards, where you are most likely to encounter them and how to spot them.

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It’s worth noting that counterfeit cards can also come in “correct capacity but lower class” flavours, meaning much slower transfer times. There are apps to test this if you’re suspicious, although I do not recall what I used in the past.

No problem I only buy mine at at a reputable dealer never on Ebay or Amazon sorry folks you do that you get exactly what you deserve. You know the adage “if it seems too good to be true then it probably is”

I have “suffered” the problem of being sent fake memory units, in my case it was a USB memory plug, supposedly 3 or 5gb, I’ve forgotten. But there was actually no loss suffered (that word again) because I used PayPal.
As soon as I received my new unit I naturally plugged it in: It contained no memory! It was a beautiful little golden block, but useful only as a paper weight.
I immediately contacted PayPal, they immediately stopped the sale. The seller failed to contact PayPal, so I did not pay. Maybe PayPal lost money, but sometimes that’s their job, right?

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