COVID-19 Has Huge Impact on Photography Industry, Leads to Cancellation of Multiple Events


The novel coronavirus is leading to the cancellation of tons of events around the world, and that means the loss of incomes for a lot of professionals including photographers.

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Photo by Gratisography from Pexels.

But it’s not just photographers that work with events that are facing problems. Manufacturers are also having a hard time sourcing component, as we’ve reported. This has led to the delay in products and at least the speculation of delays where others are concerned.

And big photography industry events are getting canceled as well. Overall, it is looking like a tough year for multiple industries.

Yet one group of people that probably isn’t getting enough credit during all of this are the photojournalists.

As FStopper’s Nicco Valenzuela writes, “Photojournalists are probably the ones, as usual, who are most at risk, and this time, that is even more amplified. Photojournalists go where the news is happening, and obviously, where the news is happening is where the people are. The bigger conundrum in this situation is the fact that most of the news pieces are related to COVID19, and there lies the dilemma that they have to choose between protecting themselves and making a living. It comes to a point where that becomes a black or white choice. Probably second to all the healthcare professionals, the brave photojournalists are at the front lines of this situation not just because they are literally where the news is, but also because the spread of information (accurately) to the public is ultimately vital.”

As of press, the CDC has issued guidance in the United States to limit large gatherings.

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