COVID-19 Pandemic Economic Woes Hit Photography Industry with Layoffs


The novel coronavirus is a permanent fixture in our blog the past several weeks and that’s because our community, like many others out there, is being seriously impacted by the disease.

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Photo by Ariel Paredes from Pexels.

From delayed launches, canceled shows, and cessation of repair services, we’ve probably never seen something move so swiftly through the world of photography. As many of us are employed in event photography and the like, this pandemic is choking off a lifeline that many depend upon.

Now companies are starting to lay off staff and reconfigure their strategies moving forward for a post-pandemic world. Firms such as GoPro and VSCO are two of the more prominent names to make the news today. The first is laying off 20% of its workforce or some 200 employees.

This is after years of GoPro’s struggling in the market as new competition in the action camera industry has eaten into their traditional business. VSCO, meanwhile, has parted ways with 45 of its employees that has brought its total headcount down to 100, FStoppers reports. Employees laid off by VSCO received seven weeks of severance pay and two months of healthcare coverage, the website adds.

We have had some bright spots during this time. If you haven’t read up on them, be sure to check out our articles about Canon’s testing kits for the disease and Fujifilm’s potential treatment in the form of Avigan.

How has your life changed since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic? Are you on lockdown in your area? Let us know your story and thoughts on the current situation in the comments section below if you like.

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