Celebrate the Cow


This is an homage to a very cool Flickr group that we stumbled across recently. Our own cow mascot at Light Stalking gets quite a few comments. Here are a few more cows to lighten up your day.

… mueh?

Photo by Ecatoncheiras

do you still see me?

Photo by Stephi

Look at me

Photo by Christian Meichtry

Photo by Solitaire Mladjenovic

Enjoying the view

Photo by Dave Kav

Highland cows in the evening light

Photo by Ben Cooper

Number 6477

Photo by Tambako the Jaguar


Photo by Gato Gato Gato

Photo by Doruk Yemenici

Photo by Skull Kat

Rude Cow!

Photo by Foxypar4

the song

Photo by Ferran

Empurrando boi...

Photo by Eduardo Amoris


Photo by Belgian Chocolate

Photo by Filip Bunkens

Highland Cow Lick Lick

Photo by Mushi King

A cow [15/365]

Photo by Publicenergy

Photo by marco forno

Um boizito colorado

Photo by Eduardo Amorim

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While it may not be Ben Cooper’s specifically a very, very similar colored and looking photo was actually the crux of a Merrill Lynch re-brand in their retirement department. The color scheme, image, etc were used pervasively. See – you never know what will be your big sale/break.

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