Creative Cloud Express Offers Adobe Users an Easy-to-Use Alternative


Some of us aren’t that gifted with using the computer to get the output we want.

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And, luckily for that cohort, Adobe is making it easier than ever before to get the results you want without spending hours mastering their various applications.

Introducing Creative Cloud Express, the company’s latest iteration in its online platform that promises drag-and-drop functionality and easy-to-use features. Basically, it cuts down the time you would need to spend on mastering individual aspects of each app and gives you pretty good output and fast.

The way it does this, obviously, is through the use of templates and pre-determined option sets. Sure, this eliminates a lot of the customization that more advanced users enjoy, but it also meets that oh-so-critical need of “being able to get the job done.”

What are some of the features we’ve got on tap here?

According to Adobe, Creative Cloud Express will offer users access to the aforementioned templates, quick Photoshop features, and formatting into PDF using Acrobat. Resizing content, animating aspects of the design, changing colors, and other adjustments can all be made in-app using gesture-based control.

It also won’t break the bank as far as pricing goes; $USD 10 gets you the premium subscription on a monthly basis on your iOS, Android, or Windows device. You can check out the full range of features and options over on Adobe’s website at this link.

Does Creative Cloud Express sound like something you would be interested in using? Let us know what you think of Adobe’s latest iteration on its Creative Cloud suite of programs in the comments below.

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