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Cyber Monday – 69% Off Milky Way Magic Lightroom Toolkit

Ever wished you could take the night sky and Milky Way images that you see in magazines?

These are the type of images that really can cement your reputation with people who see your work and set you apart.

And while they are a long way from “easy” they are also not as hard as many people think. The keys ate knowing the basic exposure rules of shooting them and then how to post-process the raw images that you capture. The rest is general photography skills.

But bridging that gap….

What we have done is to put together a bundle of different tools that are designed to aid you on each part of the image creation process for Milky Way photography.

The Milky Way Magic Toolkit includes:

  • A shooting guide – This is so you know the exact setup and settings for taking images of the Milky Way. Get your raw material right.
  • 65 Lightroom Presets – These presets are specifically designed for night sky and milky way photography. They give you a good result straight away, but allow you to retain control over each individual element of the settings.
  • 65 Lightroom Profiles – These profiles can be applied to the image without touching the basic develop settings. Being profile, they also allow you to “turn up or down” the strength slider for your personal tastes.
  • 25 Lightroom Brushes – These are for working on specific parts on a typical night sky images (stars, foreground etc)
  • Photo Formulas – We take 12 examples and show you each and every step of how they were processed to achieve certain results. Nothing is left out.

This whole toolkit is designed around giving you exactly what you need to use or know when you need it in the creation process.

If you’re not into night sky photography, don’t like those types of shots or are totally familiar with the process and editing of images like these, then this probably isn’t for you.

But if you’re looking to move into taking these amazing images and just need that leg up, then this is for you.

Being Cyber Monday, we have shaved a cool 69% off the price, but only until the end of the day.

Take a look here.

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