Cyber Monday Deals for Photographers


Cyber Monday is about the best time of the year for photographers to get in and grab a bargain on those purchases they have been thinking about. And this year is a bumper crop. If you’re lucky, a few of the Black Friday deals for photographers that we mentioned last week (and the education deals)  will still be going. But the ones below definitely are and you should jump on them as most will be gone on Tuesday!

1. Fine Art Grunge by Sebastian Michaels for 50% Off

The ultimate course in getting the grunge effect in Photoshop that is so popular and produces incredible images like the one below.

  • Huge Library of Textures, Overlays, and Backgrounds (including exclusive content from professional designers including Distressed Textures, Kim Klassen, Parée Erica, and Keriyoo).
  • Awesome Grunge Custom Brush Library and Layered PSD Edge Effect Arsenal (providing you with literally hundreds upon hundreds of variations).
  • Mammoth Library of Exquisite High-Res Vector Graphics (which were commissioned from professional designers around the world for thousands of dollars, but you will be able to enjoy for free).

Grab Fine Art Grunge for 50% Off Here

2. Cheap Gear and Gifts on Amazon

3. Photography Unlocked by Expert Photography for 94% Off

This is actually a pretty amazing deal. It’s a basic introduction to good photography and covers off a lot of the main things you need to know. At this price, you should check it out for sure. In it you find out:

  • How to set up your camera for perfect photos every single time (without buying any additional gear)
  • The #1 mistake that’s making your images looks amateur (Hint- it’s one simple setting on your camera)
  • How to add dramatic tension to your photos that engages every single viewer (with just a few powerful composition rules)
  • How to take well exposed and sharp photos, even in bright sunlight, with one simple tool
  • When to ignore your camera’s (pretty poor) LCD screen, and what to use instead
  • How you can take beautifully soft, or tack sharp photos, and everything in-between

Grab Photography Unlocked Here

4. Top End Deals on Amazon

5. The Complete Landscape Photography Guide for 22% Off

Get your landscapes to pop with this professional guide from Kent Dufault. The guide includes sections on:

  • How to shoot and post-process your images for art gallery quality.
  • Specialized gear that can make your landscape photography easier- and the results more effective. Equipment considerations specific to landscape photography.
  • How to properly use that equipment. (There is a right way and a wrong way.)
  • Composition tips, specific to landscape work.

6. Photoshop Basics for Photographers by Phil Steel – 33% Off!

Master the Photoshop Skills that will take your photos from ‘OK’ to ‘Awesome’!—In just 3 Hours!

  • VIDEO 1: The Photoshop Workspace
  • VIDEO 2: Understanding Layers (plus 5 reasons to use them!)
  • VIDEO 3: Adjusting Exposure with Levels
  • VIDEO 4: Adjusting Contrast with Curves
  • VIDEO 5: Color Correction
  • VIDEO 6: Using Layer Masks
  • VIDEO 7 & 8: Portrait Retouching
  • VIDEO 9 & 10: Removing Unwanted Objects or People
  • VIDEO 11: Cropping, Resizing and Resampling
  • VIDEO 12: Sharpening Your Photos
  • VIDEO 13: Saving Photos for the Web, Email or Print

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