Grab These Great Cyber Monday Photography Deals Before The Day Ends!


Cyber Monday 2020 is the great opportunity for photographers who are looking for unbelievable discounts on both gear and education. If you're in the mood to speed up your photography education, you're at the right place!

We decided to give you as many discounts as possible for very diverse ebooks and courses that will help you hack the learning curve when it comes to photography.

Are you ready?

Our amazing Cyber Monday Deals include:

Snap Cards Full Set

86% Off

What are Snap Cards™? They are a “Training Boot Camp” in your camera bag…

Wherever you are, these Snap Cards™ are your own personal photographic mentor – your boot camp instructor pushing you to new limits!

The Snap Cards™ are conveniently organised and color-coded into 9 common problem areas:

  • Basic Camera Operation
  • Advanced Camera Operation
  • Camera Exposure Basics
  • Advanced Camera Exposure
  • Composition Basics
  • Basic People Photography
  • Advanced People Photography
  • Basic Camera Flash
  • Special Techniques

Action Cards Full Set

88% Off

Action Cards™: 65 printable project sheets, with over 200 photography assignments!

These Action Cards™ discuss a photographic topic, provide you with suggested considerations, and give you SPECIFIC photo assignments.

What's covered on each card?

  • Time & Skills Breakdown
  • Summary and Mini-Lesson
  • Equipment Needed
  • Tips & Settings
  • 5 Sample Photographs
  • Action Assignments
  •  Self-Check System

Complete Long Exposure eBook

52% Off

This guide contains 119 easy-to-follow pages of step-by-step precise training.

This guide will walk you through every step with a complete description and a visual reference. This ensures that your technical knowledge will be complete.

Our authors expertly craft every word in every chapter, to help you build on a creative skillset and truly master something.

Ultimate Guide to Fundamental Editing eBook

52% Off

You’re getting 165 pages covering the 15 fundamental edits, in Lightroom, Photoshop & elements.

A complete step-by-step guide to photographic editing from best-selling photography teacher, Kent DuFault.

This guide will not only show you HOW… But also WHY and in WHAT order!

Mastering Natural Light Video Course

88% Off

You’ll get over 3 hours of original educational content, spread over 26 multimedia lessons.

This is the only course you need to take control of every lighting situation, and reach your full creative potential. Trust me when I tell you this…This comprehensive course will show you how to command light as a powerful tool.

You’re being taught by Mitchell Kanashkevich, who is truly one of the best. Having had his work featured in National Geographic Traveler, Vanity Fair, Lonely Planet Traveler, Geographical UK.

Understanding Masking eBook

52% Off

You get 171 easy-to-follow pages of training, illustrations, and self-check quizzes.

Read this guide, and you’ll instantly begin “creating” photographs – not just relying on what Mother Nature delivers to you.

You can clean up the bugs in your shots. Fix those less than perfect rose petals. Take out that pesky truck that parked right in the middle of your landscape shot.

With this guide, anything you can imagine, you can create!

Photography For Beginners

50% Off

How to capture stunning photography with the camera you already own.

It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting with a DSLR, Mirrorless, or Bridge camera… the process is the same, regardless of what you’re shooting.

1. You don’t need top of the line gear
2. Blurry photos were down to me, not my lens
3. Choosing the right settings can be easy

Macro Magic

50% Off

It shows you how to capture stunning details, with basic gear, from the comfort of your home.

“Macro Magic” is an online video course on the art of macro photography.

It shows you how to capture stunning details, with basic gear, from the comfort of your home. All you need is a $9 accessory to turn your lens into a macro lens.

The Creative Photography Cookbook

50% Off

Capture magical photos at home with a new niche of creative photography.

With “The Creative Photography Cookbook”, you’ll soon discover:

  • An unlimited source of creative inspiration for your own unique scenes
  • Fun ways to take photos from home, with basic gear and simple setups
  • Interesting ways to add character and mood to ordinary objects
  • How to use levitation to create cool and unusual images
  • The best way to use steam and fire for mystical and magical shots

Wow Factor Photography

50% Off

How to capture jaw dropping photos easily from the comfort of your home.

“Wow Factor Photography” is a 30-day photography project video course, on the art of photo creativity. It shows you how to capture world-class images without being a pro photographer and in the comfort of your home.

We don’t fuss about the gear you have or even recommend you buy more of it. The “secret” to exceptional photography is how you use it.

The Lightroom Mastery eBook

35% Off

Are you tired of spending hours in Lightroom Classic and not getting the results you should be getting?

We have designed this ebook to look great on many devices and offer a comfortable reading experience. The included PDF is perfect for reading on your desktop computer or tablet.

This ebook is broken down into 17 chapters that contain 290+ pages packed to the brim with knowledge, advice, tips & tricks, and training material to help you become a master of Lightroom Classic.

The Modern Composition eBook

50% Off

Learn all about photographic composition & express yourself through effectively composed photographs.

We have designed this ebook to look great on many devices and offer a comfortable reading experience. The included PDF is perfect for reading on your desktop/laptop computer or tablet.

This ebook is broken down into 10 chapters that contain 90+ pages packed full with theory, techniques, concepts, advice, and tips & tricks to help you master composition and create stunning images that wow viewers!

The Presets Bundle

50% Off

Designed to simplify your editing workflow. You'll be back behind the lens in no time at all.

Whether you’re just getting started with Lightroom or ACR or you’re a veteran photographer, you know that using presets is a sure-fire way to speed up your editing and quickly find a style or look to add your own final touches to.

If you’ve ever found yourself wanting to get a head start with your editing in Lightroom or ACR, the 1300+ presets included in this bundle will help you do just that. We designed them with precision and ease-of-use in mind.

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