Dark Cloud on the Horizon: Canon’s Irista Service Shutting Down in 2020


Cloud computing might be the latest and greatest thing in the world of tech but it doesn’t look like it is working out for Canon’s Irista photo storage service which announced it was shutting down in 2020.

eberhard grossgasteiger from Pexels.

Irista first launched in 2014 and promised Canon users a quick and easy solution to photo storage as well as printing services. As is typical in this niche, users also had access to their photos through an Android and iOS app. But, starting January 31, 2020, all of that will be gone which means Irista users will need to find an alternative between now and then.

As for a reason why it is going away, mum is the word on that and no one is quite sure why Irista is biting the dust. One logical reason might be that it isn’t as popular as Canon had hoped but one more obvious response might be that the competition in this area is really tough.

For their part, Canon said the following: “Sadly, we’ve decided to close Irista on January 31, 2020. You can continue to access to your photos until the service closes. Please sign in to download them before this date.”

If you have used Irista, you can access your stuff between now and the closure date. Users will be able to download their library as a massive zip file which is a huge relief for some of us that have pretty big libraries but, tragically, any kind of organizational system you imposed on the files will be lost in the translation. Additionally, you won’t be able to invite new users to view your albums.

Did you use Irista? Will you miss the service? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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