Debut Trailer for Feature-Length Documentary About Polaroid: Instant Dreams


If you plumb the depths of this website you will find ample evidence of our love for and admiration of Polaroid, the iconic maker of the world’s first instant film and ubiquitous cameras associated with it.

We recently discussed the release of the Moto Z Polaroid accessory that is really only a Polaroid in name, not in actuality but a neat concept nonetheless.

And we’ve also told you about how Fujifilm and Polaroid have clashed over instant film trademarks.

Not to mention the various attempts to bring Polaroid back into the mainstream despite all of us living in the age of Instagram and social media.

Notice a trend?

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Polaroid, despite being obsolete or “dead,” is very much still in demand.

What better way to stoke that demand than through a documentary film that captures the spirit of the Polaroid company and how it fit in with the larger zeitgeist of the 1960’s.

Instant Dreams, a feature-length documentary film from Director Willem Baptist, debuted at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam just recently to widespread praise and acclaim.

Describing his documentary, the director said: “Instant Dreams is my cinematic ode to that longing for magic, mystery and a celebration of the dreams of the future that are interwoven with this medium. Like instant film, we are made up of chemical connections and are full of unpredictable reactions. In Instant Dreams, the Polaroid photos are a metaphor for our relationship with reality, our longing to catch our dreams. Like one of the characters in the documentary says: ‘We need people like Dr. Land to dream about what we are as human beings.”

Additional screenings for the film are planned in the Netherlands and Belgium according to FStoppers, with a tour of film festivals around the world next year.

The website for the film can be found here (note: there is nudity, so it may be not safe for work, or NSFW) and the Facebook page for it here (also NSFW).

You can view the trailer for the film here.


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