Discount Ends in 24 Hours: The Complete Guide to Long Exposure


Just a quick update that the deal for Light Stalking readers that is going with Photzy has less than 24 hours left to run.

If you're into long exposure photography and you want to take your skills up a notch, then this is the guide to get. And at this discounted prices, it's kind of a no-brainer.

Inside the Guide:

  • Discover the secret tricks to getting tack sharp photographs with extended exposures
  • Learn the Honest, no “bull crap”, techniques for self-evaluation of your shots: did you get it?
  • Clear and straight-forward advice on exactly how to set up the camera gear
  • Surprising Solutions to getting a great shot in unfavorable conditions (wind)
  • The dirty secret of light leaks and how to prevent them
  • Why you need to live and die by analyzing the scene before you take the picture
  • Why many photographers MISS the shot (exposure time does matter)
  • Good old-fashioned advice on what gear to buy
  • Discover the pure magic and Joy of long exposure photography

One of Kent's readers even said, “I will be using this as a reference book for years to come!”(Cheryl Stark) which is about the most wonderful thing an author can hear.

And if you're going to grab it, then now is the time.

Click here to get the discount.

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