DJI Mini 3 Pro Allegedly Shown in Video


We might have some new product on the way from DJI if a new video is to be believed.

selective focus photography of quadcopter drone
Photo by Pedro Henrique Santos

Dubbed the Mini 3 Pro, the video reveals a DJI product that DPReview says is the company’s latest drone under 250g and the first in the mini line to wear the Pro label.

The video also shows off two forward cameras and two downward obstacle sensors. It also appears to use a 2,453mAh which is larger than that in the Mini 2 and likely results in longer flying times for the drone.

Outside of that, we can’t really glean much from the video and will probably just have to wait until DJI makes all of this official.

We’ve been talking a lot about drones lately, and DJI in particular. Whether it is their use on the battlefield or new products coming out, drones are probably only going to continue in prominence across multiple industries moving forward. As far as photographers and videographers go, however, the inclusion of another option from DJI is always welcome. The only question is when we will get any official information about this and, most importantly, a release date.

On that front, we wouldn’t be surprised if DJI is being a bit coy about it all given the multiple product delays other manufacturers are facing in getting older and newer stuff on the shelves. And with supply constraints expected to continue into next year, who knows what impact that alone will have on what companies consider their latest-and-greatest tech given that all of these things are outlined ahead of time on very strict development schedules (meaning, what is new now but delayed will be old hat next year when it can finally be market available as the company’s next iteration comes around).

Does a DJI Mini Pro 3 sound like a product you would be interested in seeing on the shelves? Let us know in the comments below.

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