DJI’s New Ronin-S Gimbal Gets Ship Date


When it comes to commercial drones for personal use, no one is bigger than Chinese unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturer DJI.

And that inevitably means behind any and every release is a whole lot of press hype.

Such is the story of the Ronin-S gimbal, one of DJI’s most anticipated releases of 2018, which just received a firm drop date and price in a press release from the company.

Image via DJI.

In case you’re wondering why the Ronin-S is kind of a big deal, it is the first single-handed stabilizer for DSLR and mirrorless camera systems from the company.

Further, the Ronin-S can support cameras as large as a Canon EOS 5D IV “and it will be able to carry up to 8 lbs of camera and lens” according to DP Review. Employing a three-axis gimbal design, the Ronin-S promises smooth video capture and crisp photos.

On top of that, the Ronin-S promises 12 hours of battery life and a “Push Mode” that lets users adjust the unit’s pan, tilt, and roll.

The Ronin-S will use an industry standard Manfrotto release system. In addition it will be compatible with a wide variety of current and past DJI accessories including a vehicle mount and a DJI Ronin 2 remote controller.

Of course, as is common these days with almost any piece of complicated gear, a lot of functionality can be accessed through the bespoke DJI Ronin-S companion app.

As for a delivery date, DJI is currently offering pre-orders for the unit with an anticipated ship date sometime in late June. It will be shipped to both pre-order customers and DJI vendors worldwide so those consumers who don’t pre-order the new Ronin-S might be able to find it at their local gear shop.

In terms of price, the new Ronin-S will cost $USD 699.

You can watch a promo video for it from DJI here.

Image via DJI.
Image via DJI.
Image via DJI.
Image via DJI.
Image via DJI.
Image via DJI.

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