Drone Attack in UAE Spurs Nationwide Ban


Drones: Can’t live with them, then you can certainly live without them.

Photo by Esmonde Yong

At least that’s what the United Arab Emirates has decided in the wake of a drone attack on an oil facility and airfield.

The attack was launched against sites in Abu Dhabi with nearby rebels in neighboring Yemen claiming responsibility for the attack, the Associated Press reports.

But even though the attack was launched by rebels in Yemen, the UAE is moving to ban recreational drones within its own borders as a precautionary measure according to The Verge.

From the Ministry of the Interior’s website:

“MOI is currently stopping all flying operations for owners, practitioners and enthusiasts of drones , including drones and light sports aircrafts. This encompasses also air and sail spots. This was put in place in coordination with the General Authority for Civil Aviation and in line with the relative guidelines. The decision came after the misuse spotted recently, not limiting the practice of these sports to the areas identified in the user permits and trespassing into areas where these types of activities are prohibited.”

When UAE citizens will be able to resume UAV flights remains a question for the future though, if you’ve followed our coverage of drones and their misuse over the years, we’re not surprised to be posting this.

From causing chaos at airports to spying on people, UAV pilots dominated the headlines with bad behavior a few years back.

And just as things were starting to get better, along comes this.

What do you think of the UAE banning drones outright? Was it just a matter of time before something like this happened or is a ban going too far? Let us know what you think of drones being used maliciously in the comments below.

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