Drone Captures Amazing Video of Hong Kong Protests


Today celebrates the anniversary of the United Kingdom’s hand over of Hong Kong to the People’s Republic of China and what normally is just one day among many on the calendar has particular weight given the civil unrest that has rolled through the city for the past several weeks.

Photo by Nextvoyage from Pexels.

The protestors are advocating for the autonomy that was promised them prior to the British handover and the protests are some of the largest ever in the history of the world.

Thankfully, we’ve got it all on video and from an amazing perspective, too. And it all is a testament to the power of photography and videography to tell stories that don’t require words or sound. You can feel the crowd’s energy and the city’s mood in this video.

Shot using a drone hovering above the crowd, the video comes courtesy of drone racing outfit Team BlackSheep.

They modified a drone with propellor guards just in case it fell into the crowd below and mounted a GoPro camera on top to capture amazing sight of people power in action.

You can watch the video over on YouTube by clicking here.

A few weeks back we brought you the story of a Leica ad made by an agency in Brazil that referenced the famous Tiananmen Square incident in Beijing.

For those that don’t know, the People’s Republic of China is quite sensitive to videos and photos of protests leaking out to the wider world which is what makes this drone video such a sign of the times.

You can read up on that Leica story by clicking here.

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