Drone Flies Straight Into the Heart of a Volcano


We’ve brought you more than a few of these videos where drone operators risk their device to capture dynamic videos of an erupting volcano in Iceland.

Photo by Joy Anne Pura from Pexels.

Heck, one drone even got hit by flying lava and kept ongoing.

But today’s video bests that one somewhat, depending on how you view things.

That’s because this drone flew straight into the maw of Geldingadalir volcano and recorded its demise from the beginning until the end.

Captured by Iceland-based photographer Bjorn Steinbekk, PetaPixel reports that he spent at least six weeks capturing the eruption of the volcano alongside other photographers and videographers.

In fact, he spent so much time at the volcano that his drone suffered some heat damage. According to his own estimation, it likely wouldn’t be worth repairing it. That’s when he decided to wring the last out of his drone from a creative perspective with a final flight to the volcano crater to capturing it literally melting in the intense heat. For those who are wondering what kind of drone was capable of doing this kind of thing, it was a DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

You can check out Steinbekk’s drone video at this link right here.

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Or you could just watch the volcano erupt with this video. You can also catch another video of it at this link here.

What do you think of these drones risking themselves flying near this volcano in Iceland? Let us know what you think of this latest trend.

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