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Ever head that saying, “A moment to learn, a lifetime to master”?

For photographers, one of the fundamental parts of learning the craft is coming to grips with the exposure triangle – how ISO, shutter speed and aperture all interact.

If you can nail that, you will be able to get great exposure every time. Moreover, you will be able to make intentional decisions about your depth of field, noise, and blur.

These are elements that can make or break an image.

Pok Rie

Now, learning that doesn't take too long, but bringing it all together to get a perfect shot every time… well, that takes a lot of practice.

And that's before you even get to the other fundamentals like camera craft, composition or post-production.

And any single one of those topics is a very deep hole you can run down – entire books devoted to any single one.

And the challenging part is that all of it is essential to take full control of every aspect of your images.

But how do you get your head around the fundamentals when there is so much to learn? The cacophony of blogs, articles, magazines, books, and courses… it can be difficult to keep your head straight.

That is where resources like Easy DSLR come in.

Professional photographer, Ken Shultz, has put together one of the most loved photographic fundamentals courses online.

Some of the essentials he covers include:

  • The Only DSLR Essentials Check List you need
  • The details about what you NEED in Your DSLR Kit and Why
  • What every photography should know about Focal Length
  • What Key differences separate Primes from Zoom lenses and how that will help your photography
  • The Vital Importance of Exposure Metering Modes
  • Why the Dynamic Range of your DSLR Sensor MATTERS
  • Get far better Exposure in your images using the secrets of the Histogram
  • Why understanding the Light Path to your DSLR Sensor will help you grasp the fundamentals
  • How Lens “Speed” of your lens is critical to know for creative photos
  • How to understand, adjust and create creative images with Shutter Speed
  • How you can move onto Shutter Priority or Manual Exposure Mode without confusion
  • The pure magic of Shutter Speed in creating Sharpness or Blur when you want it

Something I have known about Ken's resource for years is the fanaticism of his community. Some of the comments about his course:

“You're a fantastic teacher, and now I am completely in love with my camera…” – James Young

“Ken thanks for all the hard work you have put into this video series, from my point of view it is well worth it.” – Colin Meaden

People love it.

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And the price for the lot?


That is tough to beat so go get on it right now. There is honestly no better value resource all together for nailing down the fundamentals of DSLR photography.

It's coming down so grab it.

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