End of the Road for Canon EF Lenses…Unless People Want to Buy More


Canon is either sending mixed messages or leading a revolution…depending on who you ask. What are we talking about?

canon ef lens
Photo by EF Lens from Canon.

The recent announcement that the company will discontinue production of its EF lenses was accompanied by a caveat that Canon will continue to make them if there is demand there.

That makes sense, especially when you consider the nuances of the statement. Canon Europe pro product marketing senior manager Richard Shepherd recently told Digital Camera World that the company would focus on RF lenses in the future.

Digital Camera World also reminds us that, “While it may seem unthinkable for development to draw to a close on EF lenses, the truth is that the lens mount has now been in existence for 33 years. When EF was introduced in 1987, it replaced the Canon FD mount – which at the time was an institution, and it many couldn’t fathom the company no longer producing FD lenses.”

Specifically, Shepherd said, “As you know, last year we launched the RF mount and EOS R system. …To date we’ve launched ten critically acclaimed lenses, and as it’s a new system we plan to continue this, launching more RF lenses while still fully supporting the EF lens system. And of course, should the market demand it, we are ready to create new EF lenses. But for now, our focus is on RF.”

Further, as PetaPixel notes, this is simply an extension of Canon’s planned abstention from EF development which it announced last year.

For many of us, it looks like the writing is one the wall for the EF system but who knows.

Maybe if there is enough latent demand out there things could change but, as it stands now, it doesn’t look like Canon will show it much love.

What do you think? Is this a good move on Canon’s part?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Your first line is inaccurate based on the quote you provided below. The quote suggests that no new lenses will be developed, not that manufacture of existing EF lenses will cease.

if canon want to keep their range of quality DSLR then they must keep making ef lense. I use ef lense with a canon adaptor on my m 50. They work perfectly excellent photographs.

Canon will shoot themselves in the foot is they bringing out new lenses. They make the best lenses why give that up when they they have brought out the 1d x mark 3. Who will buy this camera if they stop producing additional lenses for it. I use ef and efs lense on a m50 with a canon adaptor and they produce excellent resukts

Anyone who has recently brought canon may feel cheated who will buy any new canon gear if not sure before it is dropped just encourage people to buy rivals.

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